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Hello. My name is David Maswary and I founded Mazwar Linguistics to bring my passion for foreign languages and cultures to benefit organizations like yours that want to do business in the world’s global markets.

I stumbled onto my life’s passion

My journey into multilingualism began by accident. I l have an insatiable desire to learn everything. I had the privilege of attending Skidmore University, where I got a degree in Literature and Creative Writing. Being around so many prestigious and renowned researchers and academics was like locking a coffee addict into a Starbucks overnight. It wasn’t enough though. After graduation. I found myself with a severe case of wanderlust. Academia was great, but I wanted to see what the world was REALLY about up close and personal

Classroom learning is great, but it was no substitute for the real world. SO, I GRABBED MY PASSPORT


Well, not at first. I road tripped all over North America. After a little while, I realized that travelling abroad was the only way to really find what I was looking for. I took several trips abroad, mostly to English-speaking countries, or countries where English was commonly spoken. Two friends and I decided on a trip to Central America. We arrived in San Salvador where we hitchhiked and bused up to the middle of Mexico and back. The trip took 6 weeks, but something astonishing happened.

I was able to speak Spanish by the end of my tripmy first foreign trip where I HAD to express myself in a foreign language. Not at the fluency I have now of course, but the background radio static of machine-gun fast words had somehow slowed down into words that I could understand. It was incredible.

I dedicated myself to learning as many foreign languages as I could.

I learned by buying books on my target language, and trying out my new vocabulary on native speakers. Later, I’d learn that this was called the immersion method, to me it just seemed the only rationale way to go about things. I still had the travel itch so I decided to dip my toes back into the waters of Latin America, I went to Brazil. I was absolutely enthralled by Brazil’s eclectic mix of African, Indigenous, and European cultures mixed into one culture soup.

I realized that I’d been missing one important ingredient in the recipe. I was learning to speak languages, but I had to really delve into the accompanying cultures if I really wanted to understand fully.

I decided to try life as an expat in Brazil

Living abroad was tough. I mastered Portuguese quickly, but learning the subtleties of an entire foreign culture was hard and demanded a lot of work. I took Graduate-level courses in any subject I could, polishing my language abilities and learning about the culture. As luck would have it, I had also picked a unique moment in history to come to Brazil

The Chinese have a saying,” May you live in interesting times.” I came to Brazil just as 30 million poor were lifted into the consumer class

Brazil had begun to lift its poor into the middle class, and it was gaining prestige in international events – hosting the World Cup, major diplomatic outings and eventually the Olympics. People began seeking me out to interpret and translate for them. After earning my keep as a language provider, I decided to delve deeper into my profession and I enrolled in one of Brazil’s best interpreting schools, Brasillis Idiomas. I began to interpret and translate for companies who wanted to appeal to Brazil’s new consumer class.

I realized that although my Portuguese was what they initially hired me for, it was my knowledge of the culture that made me their local partner on the ground!

I knew Brazil’s labyrinth-like bureaucracy, and I understood Brazilian business customs. Brazil is America’s largest economy and was an awakening giant. I love helping foreigners get business accomplished.

My Ruthless Passion is to help you!

I’ve dedicated the skills to become your local business partner. When you hire me to access one of the world’s largest economies.

I’m YOUR man on the ground

I consider myself to be a local partner to anyone who hires me. It doesn’t matter if it’s one person who needs a simple document translation or a multi-national conglomerate closing a multi-million dollar contract, my job is to make sure that there are no linguistic or cultural barriers.

I love what I do. When I’m hired by you as an interpreter or a translator. My mission is to be your bridge through any cultural and linguistic barriers as you accomplish your goals in Latin America’s largest economy.

Your success is my success.

Welcome to Mazwar Linguistics

David Maswary

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