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Brazilian unemployment remained steady at 12.2%, a slight improvement from last year; in which unemployment was as high as 12.6%. The results were released by the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) . During this period, hiring improvements were seen in:

industry (+5%),

Housing e Food sectors (+6.4%).

Information,Communication and Financial Activities (+3.6%)

Public Works (+2.7%)

Services (+8.7%)

Domestic Services (+4.3%)

That stills amounts to 12 %+ unemployment rate More statistics on end-of-year quarterly growth will be released later today.

Some analysts considered it higher than expected, though unemployment rates traditionally spoke during January as temp workers hired for the holidays are laid off

Informal Economy

Informal labor remains important in Brazil; the number of unregistered workers rose by 5.6%, and the number of self-employed people went up by 4.4%. This can be troubling in Brazil where workers who aren’t integrated into public systems can suffer at the hands of employers and to lack of protective labor regulations. Economic growth is slightly up at approximately 1% but it has not reflected as broadly as it should on general unemployment

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